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Microsoft Office Professional 2003 SP3 + Portable

  • Russian / English registered versions with all updates! | File Size : 384.58 MB/428.58 MB/162.96 MB
    Version of June 2018

    Microsoft Office is the world’s most popular office productivity suite for desktops. Microsoft Office 2003 distinguishes between improved user interaction, document creation and collaboration, data usage, and business process improvement. The classic interface and powerful features built into familiar and easy-to-use Microsoft Office applications can solve the most difficult business tasks. Applications for working with a variety of Microsoft Office documents are designed to help users improve productivity and achieve better results.

    Contents of Microsoft Office 2003 Professional SP3:

    Microsoft Office Word 2003 SP3 v.11.8411.8405
    Microsoft Office Excel 2003 SP3 v.11.8412.8405
    Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 SP3 v.11.8335.8405
    Microsoft Office Access 2003 SP3 v.11.8321.8405
    Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 SP3 v.11.8402.8405
    Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 SP3 v.11.8330.8405
    Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 SP3 v.11.8233.8405

    For the basis was taken the original Russian image with MSDN.

    What changed:

    integrated Service Pack 3;
    in the installer there is a key that passes the test;
    automatic installation of all POST-SP3 updates;
    the registry imports information about integrated updates (for windows update)
    automatic installation of support for formats of 2007 + updates to it.

    Advantages of this assembly before laid out earlier:

    the size of the unpacked distribution;
    the key is registered in the file;
    automatic installation of Office 2003 updates, converter and updates to it.

    System requirements:
    Processor: Pentium II-266 MHz (Pentium III recommended)
    RAM: 128Mb RAM (192Mb RAM is recommended)
    Hard disk space: 260Mb (700Mb recommended)
    Operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 (SP3) or later; Windows XP or later (recommended); Windows Vista / 7

    Version Features:
    Type: installation
    Russian language
    Treatment: conducted
    Optional: OfficeTab 9.81 – switch between files using tabs (as in the browser)

    Additional Information:

    The assembly is packed into an SFX archive with minimal compression and can be opened by the WinRAR archiver for making changes, which will be discussed further.
    Several prebuilt silent installation templates have been added to the assembly, as well as the ability to customize the hidden and visible installations to their requirements. This is done using the Office 2003 Resource Kit (ORK) utility, which can be installed from the Utilities folder or by using the "Set ORK.cmd" command file
    By default, the Default.mst template from the Settings folder is applied to the visible and silent settings. If desired, you can change it with the above utility.
    Additional templates are also located in the Settings folder and can be applied to a silent installation by setting the / msT="sample_name.mst "

    Command-line options:

    Quiet installation of all components: Install.exe / S / MST="Default.mst "
    Quiet installation of all components and Office Tab: Install.exe / S / MST="Default.mst "/ TAB
    Silent installation of Excel-Word: Install.exe / S / MST="Excel_Word.mst "
    Silent installation of Excel-PowerPoint-Word: Install.exe / S / MST="Excel_PowerPoint_Word.mst "
    Quiet installation of Access-Excel-Word: Install.exe / S /MST="Access_Excel_Word.mst "
    Quiet installation of Access-Excel-PowerPoint-Publisher-Word: Install.exe / S /MST="Access_Excel_PowerPoint_Publisher_Word.mst "
    Installing ORK: Install.exe / S / ORK
    Similarly, instead of Default.mst, you can specify the name of your template, previously placed in the Settings folder
    The register and quotes are important, especially if the name contains spaces (try to do without them)

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